Tändkablar Set (Packard) 57-74

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Tändkablar Set (Packard) 57-74. Passar alla 283, 327 och 350.

Original equipment manufacturer, Packard Industries continues to produce correct looking spark plug wires for 1957-1974 Corvettes now with reduced resistance for increased performance. Designed for all 283, 327 & 350ci engines. These wires are manufactured from the original tooling and include low ohm per foot resistance of 250 ohms compared to standard 4000-5000 ohms per foot. Packard Delcore II wire which uses a special Kevlar silicone wrapped construction to prevent breaks and cracks in the conductor. The boots are correct material and thickness; terminals are stainless steel. This is not a generic set of wires; each set includes correct length wires for an easy, clean factory installation. Made in USA.


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