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Business Policy 

We will offer parts and accessories to all models of Corvette at lower prices than privat import from U.S.A., also assuring fast delivery, best quality and all warranties.
Our ambition is to be the largest and best source for Corvette parts and accessories in Sweden.
Our customers will always be 100% satisfied with our services - or we have failed!

Our current partners

Corvette Central




EliteEngineering USA


MGW Precision, Inc.


PARAGON Corvette Restoration


KATECH Performance Inc.


ZIP Corvette


GM Original Reservdelar


Business information

  Robert was one of the 19 founders of "Club Corvette Sweden" in 1974 - now one of the largest Corvette clubs in the world with its today more than 2500 members. As Robert completed 25 years of service in the IT industry in 2005 - he decided to go into an early retirement to only spend times on his hobbies golf and Corvettes. BUT there was a need for better and cheaper spareparts for the swedish Corvettes - so on common request - Robert started his Corvette spares and accessories business in early 2005, first as "Robert Palmqvist Racing" and now changing its name to "Vette Parts Sweden". With the support of his U.S. partners he could now compete with much lower prices and better services, which gave him an immediate success.

Vette Parts Sweden
Owner Robert Palmqvist
Address: Ålundavägen 5, 731 12 Kolsva - Sweden
Telefon: +46 70 279 11 50 - FAX +46 221 500 70

Please, don't hesitate to call Robert Palmqvist at +46 70 279 11 50 for any additional information!

Here is our new workshop:

Mailorder Center, Parts Store, Projectcar Design, Service Center...

...and lots of Corvettes!

In the workshop everything from C1 to ZR1!

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